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Local Hiking Trails

The summer is well underway, and it is still a great time to get out and see some of the local scenery. The USDA Forest Service website has a list of trails complete with maps, distances, usage, and summaries. There are about 45 trails, with over 300 total miles to trek.

Trail Name Trail Number Difficulty Use Length*
Salt Park 1114 More Difficult L 5.5
Chinese Wall 1803 More Difficult M 18.0
Lost Park 1805 Easy M 4.0
Skinny Fish/Mcginnis 1813 Moderate H 2.7
Stillwater 1814 Moderate H 8.0
Trappers Lake 1816 Moderate L 15.0
Wild Cow Park 1820-1B More Difficult M 3.0
Mirror Lake 1821 More Difficult H 3.5
East Marvine 1822 Moderate M 10.5
South Fork 1827 Moderate H 23.25
Spring Cave 1834 Moderate H .6
Lake Of The Woods 2263 Moderate H .35
*Length in miles.

For a full list visit:

Heading outdoors? has their Meeker page up. You’ll find facts and information on everything from local weather, to outdoor destinations in the Meeker area.

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-Excerpt from on June 14, 2010.