Budget Workshop from Bellco and the Chamber

Bellco put on a budget presentation for the community on the 8th. I was able to attend, and reap the benefits. I’ve been to budget/finance workshops before, and the one thing that made this stand out to me was that their methods were easy. They provided some simple worksheets, and the content just makes sense. Understanding finances has never been easy for me, but thankfully I have a little motivation now. James Arrieta, from Bellco’s Grand Junction office stated, “Start with the end in mind.” This way the whole process makes sense. Anyway, if you missed it and you need help budgeting for home or business give Bellco a ring. Thanks to the Meeker Chamber and Bellco, including Kim O’Connell for putting this together.

Update: The Meeker Chamber has some documents from the workshop. Click here to see their post.

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