Meeker High School Journalism

That’s right, MHS now has Journalism 101. Being a graduate of Meeker High School, I can appreciate the benefit that this gives our students. Of course a high school newspaper in my day would have required expensive software, hardware, printing supplies and equipment. These days you can read their articles online. I had the opportunity to visit their class, and got some interesting insights into the life and times of teenagers in Meeker today.

Mrs. Kathleen Kelley teaches a group of young students about the many aspects of journalism, from writing articles and finding stories, to judicial restrictions and freedoms. It’s mind boggling, getting back in touch with the perspective of a teenager faced with life changes and growing up. I expect we’ll hear some good stories, although some of them may surprise you as they pull you into their world.

Their articles are published on, which is awesome. Not only do we have a high school newspaper, but you can read up-to-date information without waiting for the paper, or quarterly articles, or possibly worse. Their website opens up some new opportunities as well, in the future you may be able to get twitter updates from an away game, or be the first to find out how we did in a State FBLA competition. Also, students now have a new place to showcase their art, essays, and more.

The internet, and falling prices of hosting and bandwidth allow for a much cheaper, easier method of publishing student work. While cheaper isn’t always better, it often allows for things to happen that normally couldn’t. Part of understanding Meeker, is understanding it’s youth. I hope you read this article and start thinking of ways to support the program, or at least check it out on a regular basis. Although publishing is cheap they still lack some fundamental tools that journalists use on a daily basis, like cameras, voice recorders, and reputation.

As they exercise their freedoms, and explore the life and times of students, faculty, and events these students have the opportunity to do wonderful work. Imagine these students 10 years from now being able to go back and read about the events that changed their lives. I look forward seeing their work continue, and working with them in any way I can.

If you have good ideas for stories, send Mrs. Kelley an email or contact them through their website.

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