Smoking River Pow Wow

This year saw the 2nd annual Smoking River Pow Wow in Meeker. I went to Friday night’s opening ceremonies, and it was breathtaking. The Native American dancers are very talented, and one can’t help reflecting that these very dances and songs graced the valley hundreds of years ago. I would love to have seen the original inhabitants of the area do their dances and music, but I this is as close as I could get. I think that it is great that we’re building relationships with the descendants of the Utes that were sent to Utah in the early 1900’s. If you didn’t make it this year, I highly recommend going next year. Check out the post at the Meeker Chamber.

The following is from 9/28/09.

The Utes called the White River “Smoking Earth River” for the clouds of mist that rise from the water on cool mornings. They were removed from northwest Colorado in the late 1800s. Smoking River Pow Wow brings them back to their ancestral homeland to honor their culture, heritage and traditions.

Our pow wow will include contest dancing and drumming, as well as food and craft vendors. Please bring a lawn chair and shade; (no pets or alcohol) admission is free.

Smoking River Pow Wow 2008

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